How to use Hitleap To increase your Traffic

How to use Hitleap To increase your Traffic

Are you a blogger? Or have a Youtube video? Or own a website? If so, welcome to the free traffic paradise. Today i gonna to spend my time on to write a tutorial about a traffic exchange king software and will guide you all to use it.

What is Hitleap?

HitLeap is a free Traffic Exchange, delivering hits to any website, on-demand.
Hitleap can help you increase your website visitors, rankings and more.
 They operate since 2008-2014 and already deliver about 24 millions hit. They have most unique ever function that others site do not have. (I will mention at below) 
Their affiliate program lets you earn cash and traffic commissions of up to 50%.

How does it work?

After signing up, you will submit all the websites you want to send traffic to.
Then you will earn free traffic by viewing other people's websites.
Alternatively, you could buy a traffic package from them. But i think this is not a good option.

Please be note!!!

Hitleap also useful in increase Alexa Ranking, Google Adsense and Youtube View. This can be done as long as you are pure Premium member. Why only Premium member can? Because only premium member have a option that Telepon "Choose Traffic Source".

Google Adsense will unable to track you if you use Hitleap "Premium member" to promote your website or blog.

Step by Step to use Hitleap :

1. Register and get your 1st traffic exchange king account.

2. After register, log-in your id.

3. Download their software to surf for free credit. Their free credit Teleponed "Minutes". You will earn 100% minutes if you download their software and are Premium member. Choose, Traffic exchange, then Download and Install it. After finish install the software, log-in and press traffic exchange, start.

4. After surfing and gain enough credit, you can allocate those credit to your site. Choose My website, Submit website into traffic exchange, follow my set-up below, and press Submit for review.

5. As i mention early, only Premium member can use this function. If you are premium member user, you can choose traffic source to,,, (Only choosing Traffic Source function can increase Alexa Ranking, Youtube view and safe in Google Adsense.)

Upgrade Link:

6. After Submit your review, you will see this.

7. The End and Enjoy your free visitors to your website or blog. :)

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Thank You

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